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Restorative, quotes from survivors

“The moment I am with Natashas I am loving enjoying it, when I am not with Natashas I definitely miss it dear, dearly”

“l enjoy every bit of the dance class, it's amazing to have wonderful people like you engaging with us and making us feel loved and belonged despite all challenges we face each day. The dance class was very therapeutic and after every session, I feel relaxed and looking hopeful!” 

“I feel free, love, happy, confidence.“ 

“The workshops have been amazing, very balancing and therapeutic, keeping the body, soul and spirit together”


Productions, quotes from audience

“I had the fortune to experience one of this groups extraordinary performances last year, unfortunately for me, I have to speak straight afterwards but was rendered speechless. Quite simply one of the most important pieces of theatre I'd seen for a long time.”


David Gyasi 

Actor (Interstella 2014)


“As an educator and human rights activist, I believe that theatrical workshops, such as those offered by The Natashas Project, should feature in every school and community organisation.  I intend to partner with this group to support the reconciliation of survivors living in a safehouse in London.  Human trafficking is a significant problem in the U.K., and this company’s creative approach to raising awareness and advocating for prevention and restoration is needed now more than ever.”


Tanya Mathias

Secondary School Teacher / Support Worker (Human Trafficking)


"The issue became personal to me and is no longer just a distant problem anymore."


Eliza Regar

Company Manager, Springs Dance Company


“The Natashas Project production was probably the most impacting representation of human trafficking I have witnessed in over six years of working within this particular sector. They have somehow managed to transcend culture, gender, class and religion to convey a sense of lost innocence, and why society should protect itself from those who wish to destroy people’s lives, hopes and dreams. A performance which needs to be seen in order to fully appreciate its brilliance.” 


Christopher Gaul

Head of Human Trafficking and Victims Slavery Support, Migrant Help


"The quality of movement is truthful and honest... a gritty and courageous piece of theatre"


David Birch

Actor (Matilda, Cambridge Theatre, London 2017)


"The Natashas project is a powerful piece of work. It gently educates the viewer whilst moving you to want to learn more about the issue of sexual exploitation. I work with vulnerable children and young people and this is a unique resource that could be utilised to work with those most at risk in our society".


Senior Social Worker for a Child Protection Team in an inner London Borough