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Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die, open your mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.   

Proverbs 31vs 8-9 (NKJ)



a woman in servitude. 
women and men like you and me
caught in the vicious cycle of human trafficking
The global slavery index currently states there are 45.8 million in modern day slavery. That's 45.8 million Natashas out there.

The Natashas Project is an international contemporary dance/physical theatre company founded in 2013. Its aim is to use dance to inform and equip the public about Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery and support survivors through creative means.

Our three approaches:

Performance Productions - professional awareness dance productions impacting and informing audiences on the effects and realities of modern day slavery, and to empower change by taking audiences through a journey of lost innocence, 21st century slavery and how this injustice that still affects every single society throughout the world today. 

Alongside the productions we have Educational Workshops these have been created to inform, equip and inspire students to take ownership of this issue in their own communities.

Our third approach reaches out to survivors of modern day slavery, through our Restorative Dance Workshops fun, creative workshops. These aim to develop confidence, self esteem, physical fitness and ownership of their own bodies. 













(20 mins)

NATASHAS is a contemporary dance/physical theatre production that takes audiences on a journey of lost innocence and the realities of the sex slavery industry around the world today.


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‘You may choose to look the other way but you can never again say you did not know...’
William Wilberforce

On Demand

(45 mins followed by 20 mins Q&A)

On Demand is a contemporary dance/physical theatre production revealing depths and effects of human trafficking and modern day slavery. This Production shares with audiences the physical and psychological effects this issue has on the body and mind. OD sets out to challenge your perceptions and assumptions t through an array of impacting images and scenarios of manipulation, control and dehumanisation, ultimately leaving the audience questioning their actions and choices. Filled with vibrant characters, unique vulnerable physicality, an original score by James Keane and new script by Sarah Amankwah that highlights the juxtaposition of society and the issue at hand. 

Coupled alongside On Demand are Trip up art shorts: Short excerpts designed for the streets, stopping pedestrians in their tracks, thus targeting communities susceptible to, but may not be aware of, witnessing trafficking/ being trafficked as well as generating new audiences.


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The Natashas Project offers bespoke educational workshops lead by the professional company dancers.

These Educational Workshops merge contemporary dance, physical theatre and choreographic techniques to inform, equip and inspire participants on how to take ownership of this issue today. Thereby offering participants a chance to engage with the subject matter in a creative and artistic way.


These exciting and thought-provoking workshops include:

  • What Human Trafficking and Modern day slavery is.

  • Practical ways we can tackle this issue.

  • Discussions and creative tasks connecting themes relating to human trafficking and exploitation. Ultimately inspiring a sense self worth and respect amongst participants. Please choose your prefered themes from this list:


Online safety

Safe relationships/CSE



These can be tailor made for:

  • GCSE/A-Level Dance and Drama and BTEC Level 1-3 Performing Arts students

  • Secondary schools years 7-13 (Subjects such as: RE, History and PSHE)

  • University Students

  • Youth groups

  • Or any community groups

N.B. All dancers are DBS checked.


These workshops are extremely effective when partnered with TIE (theatre in education) 20 minute performance production NATASHAS that looks at human trafficking and sexual slavery.







Survivors Dancing

“I feel free, love, happy, confidence.“ - Survivor

The Natashas Project Restorative branch offers tailor made restorative dance workshops. The aim of these workshops are to provide a creative means of support for survivors of human trafficking and modern day slavery.

Our contemporary dance workshops provide the survivors with exercises and activities that help them regain ownership of their bodies and minds. Thereby enabling a creative and healing environment aiding their restorative journey.

We are currently running these workshops weekly free of charge for survivors. Please contact us for more information.


If you would like to financially support these dance workshops then please click donate to learn more about our new campaign 'Survivors Dancing'

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Restorative Workshops Currently Supported By

Restorative Workshops Previously Supported By

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


7th March 2019 - Colaboration with JAM Network Margate. More information coming soon.

Company Events

'Natashas' Performances

 More Information Coming Soon.



'On Demand' Performances


25th Feb 2019 - 7:30pm, Stanboroughs Conservative Club, Conduit Lane, Hoddesdon EN11 8FN - BOOK TICKETS

15th Mar 2019 - 7:30pm, South Hill Centre, Cemetery Hill, Hemel Hempstead HP1 1JF - BOOK TICKETS

'Trip up art' Performances


 25th Jan 2019 - Private Event.


Sept - Current - Weekly Restorative Dance Workshops, UK

Oct 2018 - ‘On Demand’ - The Montgomery Theatre, Sheffield, UK

Oct 2018 - Educational Workshops - Secondary School, Sheffield, UK

Oct 2018 - ‘NATASHAS’ - Hidden Faces of London - Anti-trafficking event, London, UK

Sept 2018 - ‘On Demand’ - Margate Festival, Margate, UK

Mar - Jul 2018 - Weekly Restorative Dance Workshops, UK

Jul 2018 - 'NATASHAS' - Fighting Slavery Together, New Community Church, Sidcup, London, UK.

Jul 2018 - Educational Workshops - The Priory School, Dorking, UK

Jun 2018 - Educational Workshop - Migration Matters Festival, Sheffield, UK

Jun 2018 - UK Premier of 'On Demand' - Applecart Arts, London, UK


Dec 2017 - Educational Workshops, Dorking, UK

Nov 2017 - 'NATASHAS'London Migration Film Festival, London, UK

Oct 2017 - 'NATASHAS' - Liberty Human Rights Awards, Royal Court Theatre, London, UK

Oct 2017 - 'NATASHAS' - Conference on Modern Day Slavery hosted by Safer Poole Partnership, Lighthouse, Poole, UK

Sept - Nov 2017 - Weekly Restorative Dance Workshops, UK

Sept 2017 - 'NATASHAS' - MET London Kensington Police CSE Youth Seminar, London, UK

Sept 2017 - 'NATASHAS' - ACIC 3rd Annual Awareness Event, London, UK

April - June 2017 -'On Demand' - (Research and Development), London, UK

Mar 2017 - 'NATASHAS' - MET London Kensington Police CSE Seminar, London, UK




Dec 2016 - Amway Volunteer Award, London, UK

Oct 2016 - 'NATASHAS' - Alight in the Park, Moggerhanger House, Bedford, UK

Sept 2016 - 'NATASHAS' - Signs & Natashas Double Bill, Young Actors Theatre, London, UK

Jun 2016 - 'NATASHAS' - Raise Your Voice JAM Lauch, London, UK

May 2016 - 'NATASHAS' - Silver & Gold, Sidcup, UK


Nov 2015 - 'NATASHAS' - Hastings Storytelling Festival, Keno Theatre, Hastings, UK

Nov 2015 - Finalist for Organisation Impact Award, London Dance Inspires Awards, London, UK

Sept 2015 - Merge Festival, India

Jul 2015 - 'NATASHAS' - Global Generation Church, Margate, Kent, UK

Jul 2015 - 'NATASHAS' - Move The World 2015, London, UK


Dec 2014 – 'NATASHAS' Tour to theatres, churches and schools, Gran Canaria, Spain

Oct 2014 – 'NATASHAS' - Fashioned for Freedom London, UK

Jun 2014 – 'NATASHAS' - Harrow Against Trafficking, Harrow, UK

March 2014 – 'NATASHAS' - Swallowsfeet Festival, Brighton,UK

March 2014 - 'NATASHAS' - Not For Sale - Against Human Trafficking, Hemel Hempstead, UK


Nov 2013 – 'NATASHAS' - Creative Arts Network, New Community Church, Sidcup, UK

Nov 2013 - Further Research and Development of 'NATASHAS' - YWAM, Harpenden, UK

May 2013 – 'NATASHAS' - Bonnie Bird Theatre, London, UK





Out of the Shadows Oct 2018 - Click Here for full review.

Thomson Reuters Dec 2017 - Click Here for full article.

Evening Standard Dec 2017 - Click Here for full article.

Daily Mail Dec 2017 - Click Here for full article.



“The moment I am with Natashas I am loving enjoying it, when I am not with Natashas I definitely miss it dear, dearly” - Survivor

“l enjoy every bit of the dance class, it's amazing to have wonderful people like you engaging with us and making us feel loved and belonged despite all challenges we face each day. The dance class was very therapeutic and after every session, I feel relaxed and looking hopeful!” - Survivor

“I feel free, love, happy, confidence.“ - Survivor

“The workshops have been amazing, very balancing and therapeutic, keeping the body, soul and spirit together” - Survivor


“I had the fortune to experience one of this groups extraordinary performances last year, unfortunately for me, I have to speak straight afterwards but was rendered speechless. Quite simply one of the most important pieces of theatre I'd seen for a long time.”

David Gyasi 

Actor (Interstella 2014)

Tanya Mathias Secondary School Teacher / Support Worker (Human Trafficking)

“As an educator and human rights activist, I believe that theatrical workshops, such as those offered by The Natashas Project, should feature in every school and community organisation.  I intend to partner with this group to support the reconciliation of survivors living in a safehouse in London.  Human trafficking is a significant problem in the U.K., and this company’s creative approach to raising awareness and advocating for prevention and restoration is needed now more than ever.”

"The issue became personal to me and is no longer just a distant problem anymore."


Eliza Regar

Company Manager, Springs Dance Company

Christopher Gaul Head of Human Trafficking and Victims Slavery Support, Migrant Help

“The Natashas Project production was probably the most impacting representation of human trafficking I have witnessed in over six years of working within this particular sector. They have somehow managed to transcend culture, gender, class and religion to convey a sense of lost innocence, and why society should protect itself from those who wish to destroy people’s lives, hopes and dreams. A performance which needs to be seen in order to fully appreciate its brilliance.” 

"The quality of movement is truthful and honest... a gritty and courageous piece of theatre"


David Birch

Actor (Matilda, Cambridge Theatre, London 2017)

"The Natashas project is a powerful piece of work. It gently educates the viewer whilst moving you to want to learn more about the issue of sexual exploitation. I work with vulnerable children and young people and this is a unique resource that could be utilised to work with those most at risk in our society".

Senior Social Worker for a Child Protection Team in an inner London Borough

"Instead of telling me that trafficking was shocking, it made me feel shocked. Instead of telling me it was horrifying, it made me feel horrified. I walked into Natashas expecting to watch a dance show and left having been deeply challenged about my understanding of the subject. Natashas gives an insight into the trauma of human trafficking delivered by an almost sadistic narrative that left me feeling deeply troubled, fascinated and, quite frankly, outraged."

Sam James

Freelance Musician

"The Natashas Project has been skilfully devised and developed and the choreography is innovative, thoughtful and imaginative. Using a juxtaposition of scenes, the piece cleverly unveils its strong and clear message to you. The theme of the work has been approached sensitively and the dancers commitment to their characters and performance, really allows the audience to be drawn into the work. The variety of contemporary movement vocabulary has been wisely selected for each section, allowing you to feel various emotions throughout the piece. The project is such an eye opener and successfully delivers its aim of raising awareness of Human Trafficking in the sex slavery industry."

Catherine Ibbostson

Co Director, Co_Motion Dance Company


Get Involved

Get Involved

Get Involved.



Prayer: If you are a praying person we would love you to join us in praying for every person involved in Human trafficking; the victims, the survivors, the traffickers, the clients, the root of the cause. 
Please also bear our Project in prayer that we continue to be guided by God in all we do.

Raise awareness: Share the facts and victims’ stories to inform your communities of this issue.

Keeping a lookout for Human Trafficking in your area and report it.

To report a suspicion, get help or seek advice or information call:

08000 121 700

Financial support: There are many ways in which you can get involved in financially supporting us.


2. Host a fundraiser for us! From a cake sale to running a marathon, or even hosting an evening event with us. 

3. Sign up to our Easyfundraising link. Really easy costs you nothing!  Click Here and when you shop online the providers donate to us! 

4. Or finally if you feel you would rather donate time volunteering your skills please click the link.


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